Swann NVR-7400

By changing your Firmware to 3rd party Firmware

  • You risk breaching the Terms of Service of both companies
  • You risk voiding the warranty
  • You risk ending up with a dead, broken, totally unusable box
  • You will lose any saved videos, keep this in mind if you need something for reporting

Proceed with caution and don’t come to me if your box stops working, because don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

Now that is out of the way. A number of months ago a friend an I purchased a Swann NVR-7400 for our home security.
The hardware seemed decent but it was let down terribly in the software department.

There were basic bugs including things like video clips not downloading.
The reason I am providing this detail is to allow people to use a product they have spent good money on at its full potential.

After some research, we found a number of mentions in the firmware and software referring to a company Shenzhen Baichuan Digital Technology Co.
I reached out to some Swann forum staff who confirmed that the company produces the hardware for Swann.

With this in mind and some further research, we found that this company produces the same hardware for other companies, one of which is Reolink.
The interesting side is that they are supplying up-to-date firmware and software to their customers. I suspect that Reolink is the retail arm of Baichuan but I can’t be sure.

Based on all of this, it seems the NVR-7400 is the same as the RLN8-410 and after tests, it seems to work fine.


If you go ahead with the Reolink firmware, you will need to use the Reolink front end software also on both PC/Mac and Mobile.

With the Reolink firmware
– RTSP works
– 3rd Party cameras are found ( including some random cheap no-name eBay ones I had )
– Video downloads work

Note that the Reolink firmware won’t automatically log in to the Swann cameras. The default password for the cameras is 12345.

Again, be careful but hopefully, this helps out some people until Swann releases the new firmware.