Arcade Cabinet

After a friend built an awesome cabinet, I decided to give it a go also.

I used the same plans but decided to make it a bit different. The main difference is that all the PC parts are contained within the controller box. This means that it is portable.

IMG_1139 IMG_1133

It wasn’t too hard to build as most of the parts were off the shelf. The hardest part was constructing the box.

Inside the box I used parts from an old computer. Computing power really isn’t an issue with the games I run on it.
The push buttons and sticks were from eBay. I was surprised to see that everything just uses simple click together push switches, even the sticks.
The push switches are then wired to a keyboard encoder. So if you push up on a stick, it say pushes a letter ‘a’ on the keyboard. This method works really well and works out of the box with existing games.