A couple reasons why Windows annoys me.

I know Windows Vista is older now and Windows 7 is supposed to fix problems that Vista had. But Vista has left a sour taste in my mouth I can’t get rid of.
When Windows Vista came out I rushed off to the store on launch day to get myself a copy.

From memory it was about AU$320 for Ultimate.

I got home and installed it. There were a few problems at first, somethings didn’t work but overall I was happy with the installation experience.

As I started using the system things started annoying me. A few days later the system died forcing me to re-install.
I re-installed, the same annoying problems came up and the system was just not performing like you would expect with a brand new top of the line custom built box.

After a few months I got sick of the problems and went with Ubuntu. Best thing I have ever done.

On my Ubuntu box I setup Windows Vista in a Virtual Machine and ran it in seamless mode. It worked well for what I needed it for.

A few days ago I needed Windows Vista again so I went with a Virtual Box install.

Windows installed fine, then complained that I had already activated so it wouldn’t let me do it online.
I called the number provided, typed in all the numbers then it said I have activated my copy 3 times so I couldn’t do it via the phone system. Hang on, what, wait? My full version $320 copy is only allowed to be activated 3 times?
I got transferred through to a person where she asked a few questions and confirmed my number. Then she gave me the confirmation code which activated it. So it wasn’t too bad. But still annoying.

The system was up running for a few days when the system suddenly popped up saying it detected a hardware change and was deactivating itself. Wtf??

I hit activate again, it ran through and reactivated the copy.

With Microsoft software it just feels like you have to try so hard to prove who you are even though you have done the right thing. Even though I could go out, get a pirate copy and not have to suffere any of these activation or licensing issues. As a programmer though, I won’t pirate software, so I am stuck suffering.

This brings me to Linux and Mac OS X which I have never had problems with activation đŸ™‚

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