User Error: Network outage

At a previous job we started having weird network outages.
They would last about 5 minutes and occur at the same time on the same day. People started getting frustrated with the problem not being fixed.
The site was large. By the time I got to the network equipment to see what was going on, it would be working again.
One day I waited for it, bang the network went down, I jumped in my car and raced over to the network equipment.
I arrive to see a guy with a pump in a hole and a extension cord running into the building.
I follow it to the double power point to see he has unplugged the network switch.
He removed the tape holding it in, and removed the sticker saying DO NOT UNPLUG.
The thing that really got me was that there was a free plug next to it, and another free double plug about 2 meters away from that one.
His excuse was, I have been doing this for months.
This still did not prompt my managers to get an electrician in to move the power point, but at least I found why the network was going down.

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