Enable SSH On MacOS X

This is just a short tutorial on how to enable SSH on your Mac and connect to it remotely.

Select the “System Preferences” tool


Select “Sharing”

Tick “Remote Login”

You can then specify if you want to allow every user to login or just one.

Once you are done close the Sharing tool and you should be able to SSH in from any computer on the same network with SSH software.

If you have another Mac or Linux computer you should be able to type ‘ssh example@’ to connect. Replacing the values as appropriate.

If you have a Windows computer you can connect using software called Putty

There are a few more steps involved if you want to connect to the Mac from over the internet. It also depends on your network setup as to how it is done so I can’t really provide the details. I would suggest researching Port Forwarding if you have an ADSL or Cable connection.

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