Found a new Virus?

Recently I have been seeing a fair few viruses come in that are not being detected by a number of Virus Scanners. It is pretty obvious that they aren’t legit but its a bit worrying that they aren’t detected automatically by the mail server and the scanner on the local PC.

I had a look around on the net for some online scanners so I could try and work out what virus it is. I found a website called Virus Total ( ) which allows you to upload a file for scanning. It scans the file against 36 anti virus products.

Its a pretty easy way to work out if a file is infected. Its not 100% of course. If none of the virus scanning products know about the virus then of course it still wont be detected.

Once you know for sure that it is infected you should be able to submit the file to your virus scanner vendor in order to get your software updated as soon as possible.

For anyone interested, this is the results of one scan

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