About Me

I am a programmer and all around computer guy from Adelaide, South Australia. Although my location is mainly irrelevant as I have done work for companies all around Australia, and the world.

I have worked on projects for membership management, automotive industry, fresh produce, education & research, non-profit organisations, TV and radio, government, arts and community organisations.



What Can I Do For You?

A quick summary of the services I can offer

  • Web development using PHP, Ruby, Perl and frameworks including Laravel, Rails, WordPress.
  • Managed Web Hosting using dedicated servers or Cloud services including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.
  • Desktop software development using C++/Qt and VB.NET
  • iOS and Android mobile development. Native Apps in C++/Qt and Java. Web Apps/Progressive Web Apps using Framework7.

Please contact me if you there is anything I can do for you or your business.



Web Development

Some projects I have been involved in include

  • Intranet Framework and Web Apps for a large multi-national in the Automotive Industry
  • File replication system to keep files on different servers in different countries around the world in sync. Yes, this was written in PHP and utilised system commands like rsync. This was written before services like Dropbox came to the market
  • Membership Management systems for Australia wide organisations
  • Ticket Sale systems selling many thousands of tickets with custom ticket scanning software
  • Too many to list, WordPress sites with custom plugins
  • Maintaining legacy Perl websites including one which was developed before I got my start in the IT industry and is still running to this day
  • Developing high traffic online shopping systems
  • Optimising sites to increase performance

The languages used for these projects include PHP, Ruby, Perl and Python.
Some of the frameworks I have used include Laravel and JQuery.
The databases I have used include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and MongoDB.

Mobile Development

I have developed a number of mobile apps for both Android and iOS using two different methods

Native Apps utilising C++ with Qt to facilitate cross-platform development and Android specific targeted apps using Java.

Progressive Web Apps utilising Framework7 and Phonegap/Cordova.

These applications have been for ticket sales, ticket scanning, health/medical research, environmental research and informational apps.


Desktop Development

My first Software Development job was at a fresh produce warehouse and packaging company. At this job I primarily did Software Application Development. The company had many legacy Access Databases and macro-driven Excel documents. I remember not long after starting there I was tasked with rewriting a script that took 12 hours+ to run. They would start it running just before leaving for the day, it may or may not be finished by the time they arrived the next morning. I quickly rewrote it in VB.NET. It then took about 3 hours to run. I ripped out the processing script and put it into a C++ DLL while retaining the VB.NET interface. It now took around 10 minutes to run.
Not long after I was promoted to managing the network along with continuing the Software Development. This then was followed by a promotion to IT Manager.

During my time at this company, I was involved with the development of systems for Time Tracking, Payroll, Asset Management and Inventory Control.

The main languages I have used for Desktop Development are



Networks, Hardware and Software

Over the years I have been involved in hardware and networks. My first paid job was at a School helping to diagnose computer faults and “Ghost” computer rooms.
From here I started to take a more active role. I touched a bit on Novel before using Windows 2000 servers.

I have since designed, installed and managed many networks for businesses in Adelaide.

I have built servers from scratch running Windows, Linux and BSD.
Currently, I manage a number of servers running Linux around Australia and have experience with Cloud providers including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Several years ago I had my own business building custom computers which were sold to homes and businesses.

I have extensive experience with Linux, Mac and Windows in the Desktop and Server environments.


My Background

I got my start in computers at a young age. I always liked to read computer books from the library to learn about how they work.

My first real start in computers was pushed by a teacher at my school, but not in the way you would think.

A flyer was passed around at my Primary School for a Programming competition. Having read programming books I thought I would give it a try.
I told my teacher I wanted to enrol. She laughed and said something like “why bother, you don’t know how to program”, then took the flier off me.
Someone saying I can’t do something made me determined to learn and prove her wrong.

A few days later I borrowed some programming books from the library and started typing the code from the book into the QBasic editor.
Unfortunately, it did not work. I think it was my dad that later worked out that the book I had was really old. It used line numbers, whereas the version of QBasic I had did not use them.
So I got a new book “The Complete Idiots Guide to QBasic” and started to create things that actually worked!