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I make computers do things...

Web Development

php, JavaScript/JQuery, Perl, WordPress, MySQL, PosgreSQL, HTML5, CloudServices

Software Development

Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, RaspberryPi, C++/Qt, VB.NET

Network & Hardware

Linux and BSD servers. Mac, Windows, Linux desktops. Custom RaspberryPi solutions.

About Me

About Me

Greetings! I am a programmer and all around computer guy from Adelaide, South Australia. Although my location is mainly irrelevant as I have done work for companies all around Australia, and the world.

I have done projects for membership management, automotive industry, fresh produce, education & research, non-profit organisations and community organisations.

I am experienced in
- customised websites from scratch
- extending existing systems eg. custom WordPress plugins.
- iPhone and Android applications
- database & file replication systems
- PLC interfaces for machines counting bottles and vegetable sizing
- Linux servers
- Windows, Mac, Linux desktops

Although not usually in my job description, recently I used my hobby CNC and electronics experience to produce custom cases for a RaspberryPi POS Solution.

So please, feel free to send me an email in regards to any computer related projects. I am happy to let you know if I think your project is something I would be suitable for. More About Me | Contact

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